Most people are really having troubles in having a great sleep at night. Most people would even take a couple of hours just to find the position where they're most comfortable of.

Now, here's the list of 12 things that you should avoid doing before going to bed:

1. Cold feet

- Most of the time, cold feet is what keeps you up all night. To have a better sleep, try wearing socks or use heating pads.

2. Early dinner

- Always make sure that you eat your dinner not less than 2 hours before you sleep. Doing this will allow your body to digest the food properly.

3. Coffee

- coffee should be consumed 4 hours before you sleep. The caffeine freshens your body, making it hard for you to sleep.

4. Books

- Never ever read a book before sleeping, this will keep you up all night! Do it atleast an hour before sleeping.

5. Mobile phones

- Mobile phones and other gadgets are the ones that keep you up all night! These things are a great distraction!

6. Lighted Alarm clocks

- Choose the alarm clocks that have dimmer lights.

7. Sleeping routine

- Make yourself a better and reliable sleeping routine that will help your brain prepare from shutting down before you're able to fall asleep.

8. Drinks

- Drinking any liquid 1-2 hours before you sleep will wake you up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom!

9. Mattress

- This is one of the biggest factos! Just for once, try to disregard the price and choose what you think is comfortable!

10. Exercising

- Exercising is good, but do not do it 3 hours before you go to bed!

11. Sleeping position

- Make sure to sleep on your side instead of your back and stomach. But it is still advised to choose the best comfortable sleeping position for you to sleep faster.

12. Bedtime routine

- Always make a bedtime routine. Avoid brushing your teeth and later on washing your face because it stimulates the thought of sleeping.

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