We all hate the pubic hair and no matter how much we try to remove them, they keep growing. And there is the issue with the ingrown hairs, too.

Let us see what the perfect way to remove pubic hair without mess and difficulties is.

First of all you have to pull the hair tightly and if the hairs are longer than you expected then cut them with scissors.

The following thing that needs to be done is to stretch the skin. In this way no pubes will be left with any hair particle.

Use clean razor that will be used only by you. Make sure that is absolutely clean prior its usage. This will help you maintain personal hygiene.

You should always shave gently as this process may cause irritation. Thus, gentle shaving can lower the rates of itchiness.

Once you are done with the shaving you should make your own sugar scrub in order to exfoliate the area and reduce redness. Do not scrub in excess.

In case your skin is very sensitive then use baby oil and moisturizer in order to soften it.

After you are done with the whole procedure, make sure that you clean your own mess as it may be embarrassing if someone sees your bunch of hair over the sink.

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