8 Mistakes Women Need To Stop Making If They Want A Healthy Relationship

I’ve been writing about relationships for a while now and can’t help but notice common themes that emerge over and over again in the questions we receive from readers. 

No matter what stage of life, or what stage in the relationship. 

most of the issues women are having are rooted in the same mistakes.

To help you break away from the pack and get on the path toward a healthier, happier relationship, I’ve identified the 12 most common relationship mistakes most women make. 

If you can get a handle on the things on this list, I guarantee you’ll notice your relationship drastically change for the better.

Here you go:

1. Flipping out if he looks at or talks to another woman.

It’s a man’s nature to look, getting on his case shows you’re insecure, which is a huge turn-off. 

If you find yourself getting jealous whenever a woman is within his vicinity, you need to do an honest check in with yourself. 

At the root of it, there is either trust missing from the relationship or you need to build up your self-esteem.

2. Not respecting his personal space.

If he’s in a bad mood or doesn’t feel like talking, leave him alone and let it be. 

Most guys don’t like to talk about their issues the way women do. 

Instead, they prefer to pull back and work things out internally.

3. Not taking care of yourself or letting yourself go.

It really is a shame to see how many women think it’s okay to stop working out and shaving their legs as soon as they’re in a relationship. 

If anything, you should feel more motivated to make the effort once things are more settled to keep the attraction alive and sexual energy buzzing.

4. Not having your own life.

Don’t be one of those girls who forgets her friends and her interests as soon as she has a man, it never ends well and makes you look needy.

5. Being passive aggressive.

Men are much more straightforward than women, if you tell him nothing’s wrong and then pout and mope around waiting for him to press you further, you’ll just cause anger and resentment to build. 

Be honest and straightforward with him if you have an issue.

6. Not appreciating him.

Again, stop looking at the things he isn’t doing and look at what he is doing, and then acknowledge and appreciate him for it! The more you show you appreciate him, the more he’ll try to please you.

7.Trying to change him.

When you get into a relationship, you need to take that person for exactly who he is, not who you want him to be. 

He is who he is, take it or leave it. When it comes to minor things, like the fact that he wears running shoes with dress pants, be gentle and encouraging. 

Don’t criticize and make him feel stupid. 

Say something that makes him feel good and inspires him to make that change on his own, for instance, “You look really sexy in that outfit but it would be even sexier with those loafers instead.”

8. Not loving him in the way that makes him feel loved.

Everyone feels love differently. 

Most women feel loved when their man brings them a bouquet of flowers while this type of gesture would be meaningless to a guy. 

Guys have their own ways of feeling loved. 

It could be gifts, food, compliments, a cup of tea, or a massage at the end of a long day. 

Pay attention to how he responds to things to determine what makes him feel truly loved (it should be obvious) and try to do whatever it is as much as possible.

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