Have you ever wondered why it's necessary for you to pee in the shower on a daily basis? 

Here are several reasons why you should pee in the shower daily:

1. Water bills would decrease

- Not flushing everytime you pee could save you 1.5 to 3 gallons of water. Why do you have to waste water, when you can pee in the shower?

2. Clean as you go

- Peeing in the shower, especially for ladies, wouldn't requier wiping tissues. 

3. The toilet will thank you

- It could keep your toilets cleaner because you are reducing the flow pee into it.

4. You can now say goodbye to foot fungus! 

- Our pee contains anti-fungal propertis! The uric acid and ammonia could help fight against fungal infections.

5. Down there tightens

- If you're having trouble controlling your flow, then you should consider peeing in the shower because squatting could serve as a workout! 

6. Save mother earth

- The environment also benefits from you when you pee in the shower. Flushing toilets are considered as an environmental disaster.

7. You are not alone

- Almost 80% of the world does it and you are not alone with this gross habit.

8. You are officially a badass

- Not everyone has the guts to do such thing, so, peeing in the shower will make you feel coll for doing something, good, though it seems gross.

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