Avoid using scented toilet paper!

There is a lot of choice of toilet paper at the present time, from the ordinary to the fragrant white and color, and many manufacturers serve you various marketing tricks to help convice you that their brand is the best.

Smell and color should be the main parameters that you take into account when purchasing toilet paper.

Adding various artificial scents and colors endangers human health, and these are just some of the consequences:

Urinary tract infections

– Toilet paper color can irritate the vaginal area, and frequent use can cause infections of the urinary tract.

One of the most common questions gynecologist ask a woman who has a yeast infection is the use if the toilet paper, if they use perfumed or colored. Experts have confirmed that there is a link between fungal infections and the use of colored paper .

Cervical cancer

Colored toilet paper affects the female reproductive system and its use can increase the risk of developing cervical cancer.

Rectal problems

The use of colored and scented toilet paper can cause irritation and itching in the rectum. 

Spread of blood in the stool are the most common signs of colon cancer.

Even white tissue paper may be hazardous to health. 

Some manufacturers bleach the paper with chlorine that releases dangerous toxins that can cause numerous health problems . 

So the next time you purchase always read the ingredients listed on the packaging, and let it be a toilet paper which is 100 % cotton without synthetic fragrances.

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