Disturbing news has spread across the country that hair bands made of reprocessed condoms in China are being sold in stores all over America. Concerns about public safety have been raised after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning that used condoms have been recycled into hair bands sold at markets and beauty salons all over the country.

Worst of all, these hair ties are easily available as they are sold at local beauty salons as well as swap meets and flea markets throughout the country. The warning issued by CDC read:

“The amount of bacteria and potential viruses on these hair ties and rubber bands, which are made from used unsanitary condoms, has 4 times the bacteria found on a public restroom toilet. Consumers could potentially be infected with AIDS, warts, herpes and other venereal diseases if they hold the rubber bands or hair ties in their mouths while setting their hair. We warn against consumers purchasing these products if they were made in China.”

Shantea Green, a Los Angeles citizen, was shocked when she bought some hair ties at a local beauty salon, and discovered that she had actually bought recycled condom product.

This is her statement: “When I heard about this I couldn’t believe it. I got the scissors and carefully cut around the edges. When I saw the used condom inside I almost gagged. I hope the word gets out so people can stop using these hair ties made from China.”

This means that you should be extra careful next time you buy hair ties. In case you already have some that are manufactured in China, throw them away immediately. These could be a potential health hazard.

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