Chemotherapy And Vaccines Are A Lie!!!

In an exclusive interview, celebrated American writer Edward Griffin reveals why the official medicine hides the true cure for cancer, in which places of the world there is no cancer and how dangerous vaccine really are.

American writer and publicist Edward Griffin (81) thought that he will need three weeks, and it took him three years of research and write the, in many ways controversial book, “World Without Cancer“.

In this embodiment, the author argues that the basic cause of cancer are neither viruses nor mysterious toxin, but a simple lack of a nutrients – vitamin B17.

Opposing the official pharmaceutical policy, according to him the last 30 years they have skillfully concealed from the public the true cure for cancer. 

Griffin points out that today more people making a living from cancer than dying from it.

In search of an answer to this question, why and what reason is there for the ban on placing vitamin B17 on the market in America, we talked to Griffin who arrived in Belgrade to promote his book “World Without Cancer “, which is finally translated into Serbian.

– The truth is that people find it hard to believe in what I wrote, but I’m not at all surprised. Well, in the 19th century, scientists thought that scurvy in sailor’s is a result of a mysterious bug bite from the deck. Later, of course, turned out that the cause for this disease is actually the lack of vitamin C – as explained in an exclusive interview with this famous Californian writer known for tackling various topics in his works, among other things, terrorism, subversion, but also archeology and history.

How did you get to the idea to write this book?

– It all started by accident. And so my friend Dr. 

Richardson started thirty years ago at a clinic in San Francisco to use vitamin B17 (which is in its purified form called laetrile or amygdalin) in the treatment of cancer patients. It all happened after the famous biochemist Ernst T. 

Kreb raised dust in the public so he wanted to place the drug on the market, stating that the cancer is actually a deficiency disease, to be more precise a disorder of metabolism caused by a lack of vitamin B17 in the diet .

Your friend is the first, however, tried to cure his dog, which had cancer?

– True, the dog recovered. After that, Richardson started to use this medicine in the treatment of their patients. 

First he tried it on the husband of his chief nurse, which all doctors gave the most two or three weeks to live. 

After taking laetrile, he is fully recovered.

So how did it come to be that the drug is banned in the US?

– After the patients have recovered they began to spread the story of a drug, and this was not going in their favor, especially large pharmacy cartels and the official medicine administration. 

You guessed, primarily due to the acquisition of large profits from the sale of cytostatic. 

The US administration Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called vitamin B17 plain fraud and banned its placing on the market.

In which foods can we find vitamin B17?

– It is natural chemotherapeutic agent found in over 1,200 plants. Primarily in seeds of fruits: apricots, apricot / peach, plum, cherry, apple, and in the pros. The molecule is composed of two molecules of glucose, and one of cyanide and benzaldehyde.

If the cyanide from the molecules is responsible for the elimination of cancer cells, there is a possibility that it will kill healthy cells too?

– Healthy cells have an enzyme to neutralize the decay products B17, such as cyanide used for metabolic synthesis of B12, which is important in the metabolism of hemoglobin, then creates the presence of a sulfur compound thiocyanate which participates in the regulation of blood pressure, and the excess is removed from the body in urine.

Is it true that during your research you come across information theta there are places in the world where there are no cancer patients, such as the tribes of Hunza in Pakistan?

– This tribe live in the distant and remote areas of the Himalayas. They are known for their amazing long life and good health. 

For them, it is not unusual to experience a hundred years, and some even a hundred and twenty, and more. 

It is interesting that in this tribe money is an unfamiliar concept, but that is because the wealth measured by the number of apricot trees that one owns. 

Apricot kernels are considered most well-respected food and eat them as Asian cultures eat rice. 

Foods rich in vitamin B17 is eaten by the Eskimos too, among which also there were no cases of malignancy…

Until some of the Eskimos went to serve in the military in Canada and the United States?

-True … As soon as they moved and changed the diet, immediately began to get sick and die from cancer.

What is your message to patients undergoing chemotherapy?

– Not as an expert (because I’m not one), but as an ordinary man, I would no recommend to anyone to go to chemotherapy. 

I know I’d never agree to do chemotherapy. I even believe that it causes cancer. 

The official treatment of cancer is big business. 

For cytostatic chemotherapy they earn billions of dollars. 

Not all doctors put money in front of the patients’ health, but the human nature is, unfortunately, chasing after money.

Do you believe that vaccines against the swine and avian flu or West Nile virus are also part of the medical fraud?

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