College Student In A Coma After Attempting To Drink 2 Gallons of Semen!

A 19-year-old Susan Yoshikomitsu from Phoenix,Arizona is in come after doctors found 2 gallons of semen in her stomach.This happened due to the “Swallow Challenge” in which she attempted in Japan.

Many reports have wrote that before she attempted,she read about “Swallow Challenge”one week earlier.She seem to be very interested about this challenge and she get motivated even more when she saw a Vine video that was posted from other girls who have already attempted in that challenge.Karla Kurosawa,room mate on Susan have announced”My friend is very competitive and self-confident person and that is why she decided to attempt in this challenge.”

Karla was the first and unique person who knew about her plans(about the challenge).But of course that Karla was a little upset when she heard about this because she was aware what kind of problems can happen.However she did not want to disappoint her,so she decided to help her with everything.After a few days Karla saw the blog where she had found the challenge and then she start to talk with Susan in order to quit.

Karla said:”I have told her that it was a terrible idea.Sincerely,I was not against swallowing but to swallow random is for me absurd.Plus,when I saw the videos I was really scared and I wanted to convince my friend to stop with that idea immediately,but unsuccessfully.On the video,there was a girl who had swallowed a gallon of sperm which was from a group of guys who ejaculated into a container until it was filled.That was so disgusting for watching and when I heard that Susan wanted to do 2 gallons I just shook my head.But what I should do when I realized that she would not quit,I must help her.She received responses from a lot of men who were ready to assist her with the challenge.So she decided to make a group of 10 people.”

Susan had not eat anything for whole day and then we both went into the bathroom so I held her phone while she was doing the challenge.After she drank about 24 glasses full,she passed out.

When the paramedics have arrived,Susan has semen spilling from her mouth and nose.The doctors immediately took her to Saint Joseph’s Hospital.She was put in coma in order to pump her stomach.

The doctors were shocked because they have never experienced something like this.This was a weird and stressful situation.

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