Dealing with pain often gets out of control and then it is best to seek medical help.

But when the pain is not as strong and dangerous, you can make use of the natural ingredients that are widely available. 

Ear pain is certainly one of the most unpleasant pains. 

When you ear hurts, depending on the intensity of pain, you can experience a very dull or sharp pain. 

Natural ingredients from your kitchen can solve the problem. 

Often there is no need to take antibiotics when the pain is not so strong. 

The pain often occurs due to a cold or infection as a result of trapped liquid in the eardrum.


Because of its antibacterial and analgesic properties, garlic can alleviate pain. 

Simply take a few cloves of garlic, wrap them into a cloth, put them on your ear, and in a half an hour the pain will disappear.


All you need to do is crush a few slices of onion, wrapped in cloth and hold over the affected ear.

Olive oil

The lubricant properties of olive oil can eliminate the infection and help eliminate tinnitus.


You can also use mint leaves and juice to calm the ear pain. 

It is recommended to pour a few drops of peppermint juice into the ear and also the eye on the side of the infected ear.


It is known as a natural antibiotic and its anti-inflammatory properties are best for the elimination of pain in the ear and infections.

Hot water

Wrap a bottle with hot water and place it on the infected ear.

Apple cider vinegar

You need to put vinegar on every 12 hours and you will feel relief.


You should wrap raw honey around the ear canal to remove the pain.


Crush a few leaves of basil and make juice from them. Pour a few drops in the ear that hurts.

Chewing gum

It may sound surprising, but when you have a strong ear infection you can treat it by simply chewing gum.

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