First let’s begin with the fact that most of the people in UK were shocked with the decision for the UK to leave the European Union. Many people have not expected that and many think that this is bringing wrong message to immigrants in the UK, meaning that they are not welcome in the UK.

How this is anything related to the safety pins you will ask yourself maybe. Well the idea of wearing those safety pins on the clothes is from a twitter user, @cheeahs and this girl wrote that she would like for the people to wear the safety pin on their jacket or coat in order to signify that they are an ally.

By that she explained that she means that those people wearing safety pins will signify that they are safe to sit next to in a bus, to walk to on a street and even to talk to face to face. And after short period of time this became a hit in UK. You can see many pictures posted of people that are wearing safety pin.

This is interesting and sweet thing, but the fact that UK people need to do that is sad. Non-British people in the UK are feeling scared because of the results of last week’s vote. We will need to wait and see what will happen next with the country and the nation.

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