Many cultures around the globe examine their toes to know more about themselves. Moreover, according to several studies, we can actually tell who we really are by the shape and length of our toes.

For this article, we give you a simple test that help you discover several things about your personality as well as predict your future.

Big Toe

Having a big toe that is notably longer than the other toes is an indication of a very creative and witty person. 

You don’t fear problems and never run short of unique solutions. Nonetheless you may lack concentration.

conversely, if you’ve a relatively small big toe, then you can accomplish several tasks at once. 

People with smaller big toes are quite charming and they capitalize on their charm to bring others into supporting their ideas and plans.


The longer your second toe, the better a true leader you can be. 

Individuals with longer second toes are lively, enthusiastic, and normally want to get things done their own way.

On the contrary, individuals with shorter second toe are normally calm and collected, and usually wait for the appropriate time to take action. 

Moreover, they can for their prosperity.

Third Toe

People with longer third toes are very dynamic and creative, especially at the work place. With their incredible energy and zeal, they can achieve many great things. 

However, you can become a workaholic and forget to enjoy life.

 Conversely, if you have a short third toe, then you like having fun, unwinding, and don’t strain yourself when it comes to work. 

Some people may see you as lazy; you can always let them know that you’re actually enjoying life.

Fourth Toe

Besides being great listeners and supporters, individuals with straight and long fourth toe really value their family. 

Nonetheless, other people’s problems usually bring bad mood and impair proper function in these individuals, as they can easily get annoyed.

For clawed-toed individuals, they should learn when to let other people’s problems go. Each problem in your family will negatively impact on your personal health. 

Last, a short toe points out that you don’t value relationships with other people and  your family.


People with small little toes are hard to please, shy away from responsibilities, and are always on the lookout for something that can cheer them up. 

While this people are very sociable, intelligent, and interesting, you should realize there are times when people need to be serious.

If this toe is separately twisted from the rest, it shows you’re a very charming and brave person. 

You like loyalty and honesty.

The feet arches can also reveal numerous things about our personality.

High arches are common in individuals who are highly independent and self-sustaining. 

People may mistake you to be very unfriendly and uncommunicative. 

On the other hand, individuals with average or low arches enjoy being in other people’s company and they’re usually considered to be extroverts.

Wide Feet

Individuals with wide feet are very dynamic. 

While you normally feel the best when busy, sometimes you need to unwind in a bid to make progress in life.


If each one of your toes is somewhat longer than the adjacent toe, then you’re a very practical and efficient person. 

You pay attention to detail and handle everything you’ve started to completion no matter what. 

People believe in you and see you as a loyal and trustworthy employee. 

If you try to look for perfectionism in other, you’ll most probably end up being disappointed.


Individuals with long narrow feet have an attention-seeking problem. 

They expect to be treated well all the time. 

Besides enjoying giving your work to others, you like visually appealing things and place beauty above everything else.

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