Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Hold Back The Tears! What Happens To Your Body When You’re Crying

Whether they appear due to happiness or sadness, the tears are extremely important for the mental and physical health.

Even though “real” men don’t cry, the tears are healthy as an emotional expression. However, we know really little about tears. Moreover, the things we know are usually based on prejudices.

Suppression can be stressful

Crying is a physiological activity that helps us get rid of negative emotions and stress. Suppressing tears leaves stress in the body, which burdens the muscles. Besides this, it also negatively affects your mental health.

Every tear is a potential danger to the body

The tears that are held back create immense stress in the body. This harms the stomach, the intestines, the immune system, the cardiovascular system and the bloodstream.

A man who cries is brave

The society looks on tears as a sign of weakness, especially among men. Therefore, men cry rarely. However, this is not the right attitude. Men who cry are brave and openly show their ability to express and control their emotions.

Different types of crying

The tears are the most common characteristic of crying. However, crying due to pain is accompanied by moans and raised blood pressure. Crying due to sadness is often accompanied by covering the face with the palms and crying in case of happiness is followed by a smile.

Crying out of happiness is especially healthy. For instance, people cry when they attend the wedding of their children. This is one of the most emotional life events and suppressing emotions is not needed.

The hormonal difference between men and women

In average, women cry 30 times a year, while men cry only 6 times a year. Scientists have discovered larger presence of the hormone prolactin in happy tears rather than in tears caused by anger or sadness. Prolactin influences the production of breast milk, so the levels of this hormone are higher in women than in men.

Studies have proven that the hormone androgen is connected to the condition called dry eye. This means that the androgen hormone is needed for the appearance of tears. Testosterone influences the production of tears as well. So, there is a biochemical difference between the lacrimal glands of men and women.

Tears also affect the physical state of the body. For instance, people can often suffer from the condition dry eye.

Crying is especially common when there are some hormonal changes in the body, which can be caused by taking contraceptive pills, pregnancy, menstrual cycle or breastfeeding.

The defense mechanisms

Women have weaker defense mechanisms than men. It is not because they are weak, but because they are not afraid to express and share their emotions. On the other side, men hide their true feelings because they are scared of being mocked. This characteristic is not inborn, but created by the influence of the society we all live in. We should not teach young children not to cry, as people who are able to express sadness are less likely to be aggressive.

Baby cries

People often want to hide their baby’s cry from the others, as this is considered as a parent’s flaw. Our babies try to communicate through their crying, telling us that they are hungry, in pain, bored, sad or angry. By preventing your baby’s cries, you are preventing it from communicating his/her problem in the only way possible.

Crying destroys the libido

Tears are not attractive to men, especially not in a sexual way. In fact, tears lower the testosterone levels. This was confirmed by scientific studies.

Man’s tears

Moderate crying among men is attractive for women. Women are attracted to men who can express their emotions openly. However, crying due to lack of self-confidence is not appealing.

Typical situations where women cry

• Disapproval by the boss

You tried to satisfy your boss, but you made a mistake. Crying in this situation is a sign of weakness. You need to work on your self-confidence and accept that everyone can make a mistake.

• Breaking up with a partner

Crying after a break up is a great way to relieve sadness and then start thinking rationally.

• Unexpected expense

Your phone bill is huge and you don’t know how to pay it. Tears in this situation are a way of relieving stress caused by a problem without a solution. Cry as long as you need and then calm yourself and find a way to solve the problem, even if it means to borrow money from someone.

• A sad movie

Women are often touched by a movie, especially when they find themselves in some of the characters and his/her situation. This causes crying. These tears are a way of releasing emotions, so don’t hold back.

• Argument with the parents

This is especially common among teenagers. They often cry when their parents don’t let them stay out late or in other similar situations. In these situations, adolescents cry because they are frustrated and they feel that they are imprisoned.

The same can happen to 30-year-olds in some situations, especially when they can get what they want from their partners. In this case, remember that you are an adult. You don’t have to cry. Instead, you have to discuss the problems with your partner and you may get what you want.

Tears after intercourse

Happiness can also lead to tears. Tears after intercourse can be a way to relieve stress. On the other hand, they can also be a sign of a guilty conscious, especially if it is a case of infidelity.

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