How Often Should You Have S*x According To Your Age (Chart)

For good mental and physical health, s*x is one of the most important factors. That is so because s*x is actually antidepressant which means that it will significantly reduce the stress levels and it will relax the entire body. It is also really good for the skin. And to prove that, a study was done in ‘’Royal Edinburgh Hospital’’ a hospital in Scotland, which showed that people above their 40 that had 50 percent more s*x than the average looked from 7 to 13 years younger than the ones that did not had regular s*x.

We all know that the cause of many diseases today is stress and since the s*x is reducing the stress it is needed for the overall health. Due to that fact it is proven that people that have regular s*x will live longer.

So how to know whether you have too much or too little s*x? Due to the modern lifestyle we have today we have less time to spend some quality time with your partner.

According to your age here is how often you should have s*x:

18 to 29 should be 112 times a year on average;

30 to 39 should be 86 times a year on average;

40 to 49 should be 69 times a year on average.

This is according to a research that took place at the Institute Kinsey.

And since 45 percent of the married couples have s*x only a few times in a month and only 7 percent have four or more times a week, here is the minimum, average and the ideal number of how many times married couples should have s*x.

The minimum is once a month;

The average is once a week;

The ideal number is five times a week.

This is according to survey that was made by the website ‘’Your Tango’’.

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