Many of us love papaya for its high nutritional value but are not aware that its seeds are beneficial as well. 

Papaya seeds can be used to detoxify the liver, kidneys, and the digestive system.

Here is a look at some of the health benefits of papaya seeds:

Improve Digestive Health

Papaya seeds have potent antibacterial and anti-parasite properties, which give them the ability to eliminate the harmful microorganisms from the intestinal tract. 

Papaya also has strong anti-pathogenic properties and hence eating just a tablespoon of its seeds can help you in the case of food poisoning.

Prevent Cancer

The phenolic compounds and flavonoids in papaya seeds have been identified as natural antioxidants, which have the ability to decelerate the growth of tumor cells.  

Likewise, the phytonutrient isothiocyanate has the potential to prevent breast, lungs, prostate,and colon cancer.

Detoxify Liver

Papaya seeds have been long used by Traditional Chinese Medicine  to remove the harmful toxins from the body, thereby improving the vital functions of the liver. 

To detoxify your liver, you just need to consume a tablespoon of papaya seeds on a daily basis. 

For optimal results, you need to also make some lifestyle and dietary changes, like quitting drinking.

Detoxify Kidneys

Papaya seeds can also safeguard your kidneys from toxin-induced inflammation, thanks to their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Lower High Blood Pressure

Carpaine-a is a compound that is found in the whole fruit, including its seeds and leaves,  and it has been proved to be effective in reducing systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial blood pressure (MAP).

Alleviate Inflammation In Inflammatory Diseases

With their powerful enzymes, papain and chymopapain, as well as the potent anti-inflammatory properties, papaya seeds are highly beneficial for fighting inflammation in the body, like gout, asthma, arthritis, and joint pains.

Natural Contraceptive

Papaya seeds are used in the Indian culture as a form of natural contraceptive. 

Studies done on male rats, which were eating papaya seeds for a certain period of time, claim that the production of their sperm dropped.

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