Is Angelina Jolie Single Again After Her Serious Marital Problems With Brad Pitt?

Recently, we have been hearing rumors about Brad and Angelina splitting up and there have been many speculations about it. Both celebrities had a colorful and glorious past and had been involved with other celebrities from the very beginning.

Brad Pitt who has been cited as the most attractive man and Angelina who is famous for her pout lips have always been in the news.

Let’s have a look at their lives.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

Brad Pitt and Angelina have been married since 2014. They had been together for almost a decade before getting married. The two megastars are considered as the hottest couple of Hollywood.

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard

Recently, Brad Pitt has been rumored to be dating Marion Cotillard. Marion is also his co-star in the movie “Allied” which is almost completed and is all set to release during November.

Brad Pitt with Gwyneth Paltrow

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth had 3-year romance. Gwyneth said about Brad, ‘I definitely fell in love with him. He was so sweet and gorgeous. I mean, he was Brad Pitt.’ She said he was too good for her.

Angelina with Johny Miller

Johny Lee Miller better known as “Sick Boy” from Trainspotting was hitched to Angelina Jolie during 1996 and their marriage lasted for three years. They met  on the set of the 1995 film “Hackers” which eventually led to their marriage the following year. Angelina says, he is still a great friend.

Friends or family?

Brad Pitt married Jennifer Aniston on 29th July 2000. It was one of the most glamorous weddings ever. But Brad and Jennifer ended their marriage on October 2, 2005. Brad later revealed that he had become a drifter and his life had little meaning during his marriage to Jen.

Angelina with Billy Bob Thornton

Angelina married Billy in 2000 and has been in news always because of the tattoo she had for Bill and also for carrying a vial with his blood in it when she was in her 20s. The marriage ended three years later.

It’s family time!

Brad and Angelina have 6 children in their family. Three were adopted from Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. And the other three are their biological children. Both of them have been doing various humanitarian works after being together. Brad Pitt has been supporting “African Children’s Choir” and “Alliance For The Lost Boys Of Sudan” whereas Angelina has been supporting”Unicef” and “Cinema For Peace.”

They have a great family. We wish Brad and Angelina to stay together forever!

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