There are plenty of medications used in the treatment of various health problems and diseases. 

However, those medications may cause number of negative side effects since they contain too many chemicals.

Many people choose to take painkillers in order to soothe the pain. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary and an unhealthy solution. 

Those painkillers as well as many other medications should be replaced with healthier and beneficial alternatives.

The remedy we are going to present you is made of gelatin and it is extremely useful for those who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism and joint, since it relieves the pain. 

It is especially beneficial for the elderly population.

Gelatin is an animal product which is the main part of the bones, cartilages and tendon and it is obtained by hydrolyzed collagen. 

Some foods such as jellies, dairy meat, gummy candy contain gelatin too, known as E441.

As the people get older the level of the collagen in the body is decreased which causes interconnection of the microfibers resulting in pain and inflexibility. 

This is the main reason why older people cannot be physically active on a regular basis and their bodies take longer to warm up.

The implementation of the gelatin as an alternative solution will be a perfect way to eliminate or reduce those pains.

You have to buy gelatin which is of high quality and it is not important whether it contains sugar or not. 

Add one tablespoon of gelatin to a cup of water, fresh juice or yogurt and stir the mixture well if it becomes very thick. 

Also you can mix gelatin with some milk and cereals.

Consume this remedy once a day, before going to bed. If your symptoms are severe, consume it in the mornings too.

After a week the pain will disappear and you will feel more flexible than before. You should use this remedy for 4 or 6 weeks.

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