For a long time we believed that the ideal female proportions are 90-60-90 (chest-waist-hips in centimeters). However, now it seems that this theory “falls apart” and nowadays men are more attracted to sporty women. According to experts at University of Texas, today the ideal female body should have this proportions 99-63-91 and the ideal woman’s height is 1.68 meters.

On the picture you can see the perfectly fit Kelly Brook, 34-year-old model and actress from the UK.

Many men say that her lush body is simply perfect and that she is the exact example of what a “real” woman should look like, opposed to all the skinny women that often look fragile and sickly. The secret is that larger women signal the man’s subconscious and in the man’s opinion these women are healthy, fertile and will take good care of the family.

Believe it or not, this has nothing to do with the climate from which the men come. According to recent studies, even when men come from completely different countries and climates they are attracted to women who have the above mentioned proportions.

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