Shaving legs can sometimes be very tiresome and boring, but most often a woman in a hurry as soon as possible to end up with this obligation. 

As a result, often there are cuts that can be very painful, unpleasant but also very ugly look after.

To have your feet done great crystal, we bring you a few things that you need to pay attention to shaving.

Shave as soon as you enter the bath Experts advise at least 15 minutes, “splashing” as this will be enough to soften the skin and open the follicles to make your shaving was easy, quick and simple.

2. Never shave your legs in the morning. 

Legs slightly swelling while you sleep, it will help to hold the closed follicles long it will slow down the growth of hair.

3. Shaving “dry” No matter how rushed never to do work. Rather, apply a moisturizer.

4. Never use a razor with a razor Experts recommend for daily shaving razors with blades 3 min, which will help you easily remove hair from hard to reach areas such as the knee and ankles.

5.Replacing razor frequently Na barbers you use frequently, but do not change them to accumulate a variety of bacteria that cause irritation and infection.

6. Do not use a razor Partner Keep the razor intended for women, for razors designed for the male face and chin are not recommended for women’s skin.

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