This woman tried this amazing technique and did wonders to her. She recommends it to everyone who is dealing with extra weight, and those who don’t believe, should definitely try it since they won’t be dissapointed. You have probably heared about wrapping body parts in plastic wrap, but did you know what happens when you wrap your stomach and go to bed?

Coleen, the woman  who tried this method and who is extremely satisfied by it, said:  “After three births, my stomach was no longer flat and attractive. I was persuaded by a friend to buy seaweed lotion, plastic wrap and bandages, to achieve weight loss.”

When she heared about this technique, Coleen tought she had nothing to lose, so she tried it. Before going to bed, she applied a thin layer of lotion on her stomach and applied bandages over it. When she woke up, she was amazed.  “When I got up, I took off the bandages and wrap and measured my waist. I was in shock. I lost 2.5 inches during one night”, Coleen says.

The summer period is ideal for this technique since the secret lies in the loss of accumulated water. In order to achieve even greater results, and to prevent water compensation, you need to combine this method with some exercise and a proper diet.

Here’s how to try this technique yourself:

DIY body wrap supplies:

Seaweed, kelp or mud lotion

Clear plastic wrap

Bandage wrap

First of all, you will need to apply a thick layer of the lotion on the area, just make sure not to rub it completely. Once applied, wrap the entire area with plastic wrap a couple of times, but make sure it’s not too tight. In the end, cover the plastic completely with a bandage. Secure everything well and go to sleep.

If you wonder why we use plastic wraps and lotion, it is because it makes you sweat and the basic idea of the wraps is to help your body release water. Coleen recommends the technique to anyone.

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