One Month Before A Heart Attack – Your BODY Will ALERT YOU – Here are 6 Symptoms

Over the past few years heart attack has become so common that even made it to number 1 on the list of death causes. And it’s no wonder since we live stressful way of life and eat all the junk food that surrounds us.


Hearts health can be protected by changing the old life style into healthy one and decreasing the levels of stress, but what’s even better is if you know the symptoms of heart failure. This symptoms start showing about month before the heart experiences a failure.


If the lungs can get as much oxygen as they need then your heart also won’t get the blood that need to come through it. This means that these two systems are connected and if you don’t have one you won’t have the other too. In case you experience troubles with breathing go immediately to your doctor because it could mean that it is getting close to time for your attack.

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Some people right before they have a heart attack may experience these two symptoms, which is why you need to contact your doctor immediately if you suspect on heart attack.

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Sometimes people ignore this sign because they think it is a normal thing or nothing special and they don’t go to check themselves, but it is not normal in any case. Chest pressure is a clear sign and the most obvious of them all that a heart attack can occur in the near future. The next time you feel chest pressure-see your doctor immediately.

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Weakness in another sign which shows that in near future you might have a heart attack. When your arteries become narrow they don’t allow the blood to circulate properly which means that the muscles are not getting what they need, and this could cause you to fall. So be very careful if you start experiencing some kind of weakness and see your doctor.

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Poor circulation affects the proper blood flow to the brain, which is crucial for the brain to operate appropriately.


If you feel tiredness and drowsiness even after you’ve been sleeping or resting for longer time and that continues for days and days, then it might mean that you have a loss of blood flow to your heart.

The best way of preventing heart attack is by recognizing any of these symptoms and treating them immediately. So be careful and if you experience any of these symptoms, go to your doctor make sure you keep your cardiovascular health in good shape.

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