This is really amazing and heartwarming story. When this woman arrived home from work, she went in to check on her grandmother and what she found took her by surprise – her grandma had fallen asleep alongside the woman’s young daughter, making for a heartwarming photo.

She said:

“Just arrived home from a business trip and went in to check in and say hi to my Grandma in her room and found my baby girl and her asleep holding hands…the picture of love that spans between four generations (and 86 years between them). I love them.

I remember being about my daughter’s age and making my grandma promise to live until I was 40 (as a child, 40 feels forever away!) and in my 20’s going through a divorce I remember my fears of not finding love again in time to have kids that would be able to meet this amazing woman. So blessed that my prayers were answered, but praying now for many more years beyond 40.”

We can easily say that this is one lucky lady, because she still has her beautiful grandma in her life. We wish her many happy years! We really hope you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.

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