Breast cancer affects many women today. While some detect it in the early stages and survive, many of them don’t.

One woman, who once suffered from breast cancer, recommends an effective remedy for this grave disease. 

The major symptoms of breast cancer include skin changes as well as the appearance of nodes and knots in the breast. 

Excess estrogen is also known to stimulate the growth of a tumor.

Here’s the cleansing tea that can help you combat the breast cancer.

A Lymph and Blood Cleansing Tea

Mix 5 grams of St. 

John’s Wort, 15 grams of fresh clover, and  a raspberry leaf. 

Pour hot water over the mixture and then cover it. 

Leave it thus for at least ten minutes.

You need to drink 2-3  large glasses of  this remedy every day for a 2-week period.

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