Lin Ratcliffe is a noteworthy Internet star. On Instagram, she has around 450,000 devotees. Individuals call her “banana young lady” since she eats up to 50 bananas a day! As per Lin, this is the eating routine that keeps her fit.

She even made her own sustenance arrange, called “Crude till 4” consume less calories. Until 4 p.m., Lin eats just crude natural product, and for supper, she has a veggie lover feast containing sugars.

Lin asserts that eating 50 bananas a day made her lost right around 20 kg and roused numerous ladies to take after her illustration. In any case, is this eating regimen truly solid?

Evangelina Mantzioris, a celebrated nutritionist, guarantees that eating regimens like this are bad for the body on the grounds that the body does not get probably the most critical minerals, for example, calcium, solid fats and vitamins. Likewise, an excessive amount of fructose that you get from natural product is likeness a few jars of Coke a day.

“Crude till 4” eating routine is not upheld by exploratory realities, but rather its outcome is not at all substantiated. Natural product is critical for sustenance, yet just two servings a day are sufficient.

What do you think about eating 50 bananas a day?

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