A lot of people in the world have trouble sleeping, turning around in their bed all night thinking about their life, looking at the ceiling, while the sun is slowly coming and they have to go to work or school.

These are the most common causes of insomnia: stress, depression, anxiety, problems at work … When you go to bed, you are often thinking about many things or what you need to do the next day. 

Then you can’t relax, because your brain is active all the time.

According to medical experts some medications can also cause insomnia. 

Usually these are heart medicines, painkillers, blood pressure drugs and so on. 

Some of them will make you sleepy at first, but then they can cause stomach problems and disrupting your sleep.

Our body needs at least about 8 hours of sleep, because is a time when it relaxes and energizes your entire body. 

Many people reach for a cup of coffee to be able to withstand all day, but it can give you only a short and temporary results, but when the effects go away they make you feel worse.

To improve your sleep, avoid working on the computer and watching TV at least an hour before going to bed, it will help you fall asleep more quickly. 

There is also a simple natural remedy that can help in this matter. 

It will help you wake up refreshed and full of energy, it’s extremely effective.

The ingredients are readily available, and you probably have them in your kitchen. 

The secret lies in the unrefined sea salt and brown sugar. 

Take these two ingredients in small amounts, mix them, put them under the tongue before you go to bed and let it dissolve.

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