This video will show you that no matter how old are you, if you exercise or do some sport, you will be vital and healthy.

This is the case of a 90 years old granny Johanna Quaas who is the oldest gymnast in the whole world.

She was born in 1925 and now she is 90 and still healthy and alive. The most common thing for women at her age is to walk with their grandchildren or great grandchildren, to knit, or to enjoy in the company of their pets. But that is not the case with granny Johanna.

Even at her age,she is still doing what she truly loves:

She spends her free time on bars!

Johanna was awarded with the title of the oldest gymnast in the world in 2012 by the ginness book of records. In 2012 she was 87, now she is 90 and still holding the record.

Take a look at the video about this super granny:

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