Test “8 Hugs” The Way You Hug Someone (Or Someone Hugs You) Exposes Your Relation!

Hugging is really just an extended form of basic human needs: touch.

Studies have shown that skin contact between a mother and a newborn makes important physical and psychological benefits, but growing up does not diminish the importance of touch.

In a study published in the journal “Psychosomatic Medicine”, a psychologist and University professor Karen Grewen revealed that a hug can slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure in situations when we are angry and upset.

Since the hugs and physical contact is so important to human beings, and they all are drastically different from each other, it is not surprising that there are so many different types of hugs.

So it makes sense that any kind of hugs can reveal a lot about the relationship between two people hugging.

This test detects the hugs amazing things.

When I started to pay attention to how some people embrace you, I was shocked by how accurate the test is.

See what your hugs reveal about your relationships.

1.The Protector

Protectively embrace emphasizes the importance of a sense of security.

The person lays its hands around the waist of the person in front, providing stability assuming the role of protector.

This situation shows a great amount of trust in the relationship.

It shows that the care of one another is extremely important.

“The man covers your back and tells you that he wants to be your refuge.” says Patti Wood, an American expert on body language and author of the book” Guide to Reading Body Language “.

2.Embrace With Patting On The Back

Such a hug indicates friendship.

People by patting each other in the back, are sending a signal of comfort.

There is not a real intimacy, romance or even closeness.

“This is the way men hug their friends; It’s not romantic at all, “says dr. Christopher Airbag, author of “The Secret Life of men.”

When you often embrace man in this way, it means that your relationship is friendly. ”

3.The Slow dance

Slow dance suggests romance, romance and just romance.

One partner puts his arms around the waist of another, while the other partner puts his hands around the neck, imitating the scenario of love high school dance.

Such an embrace is typical of young love or early love.

In “Secret Whispers”, Andrews writes: “As I read while I’m writing, I’m thinking about you.”

Anyway, if you still embrace this way after many years of relationship, it definitely means that the romance among you is still alive.

4.The Reach Around

This is about two people who are the true “partners in crime”.

One person puts his arm around the other’s shoulder and creates a semi – hug.

Doe Zantamata writes: “Good friends will help you find the important things … when you lose your smile, your hope and courage.”

When you use the side hug with close friends, you are firmly connected physically as you are connected emotionally.

5.The Flying Hug

Flying embrace is the embrace of passion and lust.

One partner straddles the other while sitting or ‘floating’ in the air.

Regardless of the depth of your connection, this situation reveals that feel of permanent physical desire towards one another.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez writes: “Sex is the consolation you have when you can not have love.”

You can not resist not to jump into each other’s arms in a moment of passion.

So, even if you do not take your love, physical relationship is good in the meantime.

6.The London Bridge Hug

London Bridge is the hug that reflects the desire for a greater distance.

Both individuals are embracing the upper part of the body, while maintaining the lower parts remote.

This situation shows a large amount of disagreement in the relationship.

Luis Miguel says: “I keep my wits by maintaining optimal distance. ”

This kind of embrace shows that neither of you wants to be close to the other.

Some people are just not meant to be anything more than acquaintances.

7.The Eye-To-Eye    

This embrace is the connection between souls.

Regardless of the form of hugs and its duration, maintaining eye contact is of paramount importance.

This position speaks of the deep love and personal connection.

Sanober Khan says, “You are the ocean for my eyes.”

In your relationship, you can see all the roads into the depths of the soul of the other.

Your connection is strong and unwavering.

8.The Pickpocket Hug

Such an embrace is about comfort and simplicity.

In this embrace, one or both people hold their hands in the pockets of others.

This situation shows how relaxed and comfortable your relationship is.

You do not have to work hard to make this partnership successful.

Ritu Ghatourey writes: “When the silence between two people is comfortable, know that you have found love.”

The same goes for your hugs.

When you can easily put your hand into the pocket of your partner, you know it’s a perfect circuit.

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