The 15 Etiquette Behavior Rules We All Must Know

Some things never get out of fashion, like being polite and having good behavior.

Some are simple like proper speech and vocabulary, less emotions and decent appearance


1.If you walk and someone says hello, say it back even to a stranger

2.When you are out, phones must be away and try to communicate with people and not make them think you are bored. 

Forget about the facebook and apps!

3.Sushi can be eaten with chopsticks, but men can also eat with the hands.

4.Never ask a woman out if you text another one all night long!

5.When you get help, thank that person who helped you.

6.Men can take the coat of the woman, but never carry her purse.

7.Never use small talk on the phone and be direct in person.

8.Do not stare it is rude like talking loud, the same!

9.If there is rain, drive slowly and keep an eye on pedestrians.

10.In the movies/theater/concert look at the people while looking for your chair seat.

11.If someone takes your apology, apologize once more.

12.Men must respect women

13.9 things must be a secret: 

age, religion, medical problems, gifts, family issues, wealth, affairs, honor and disgrace.

14.Fashion is crucial and always wear what suits YOU best.

15.When you get in a room, greet everyone, no matter their profession or age.

These are just the general rules everyone can take and understand. 

They are good manners and always will be ‘in fashion’.

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