This Baby Was Left For Dead In The Trash – See How It Looks Today (PHOTO)!

Some people enjoy helping others, especially the little ones when they are in danger. Sara Skates is one of those examples. In 2013 she moved to Haiti from Louisiana in order to help the children with incapacities. Sara has a big heart and she looks all the people in the same way no matter what. That is the same for one little baby that was brought by her mother in the healing center.

How was this little baby different from the others? –It has in an intense condition because it had mind and body disorders. The real problem here was not that, but that the mother was actually ashamed of her baby, and that is why the mother actually wrapped the little baby’s head into a blanket.

When Sara saw that she immediately noticed that they live in very poor conditions and that is why Sara decided to go and see where they live. When Sara saw the home of that little baby, she was in an unpleasant surprise. The little baby was lying on the floor covered in trash. For the baby’s mother was after found out that she was a prostitute and she wanted to end up the pregnancy with taking toxin. So Sara somehow managed to change her mind to give the little baby on adoption in a family where the baby will receive the needed care.

With this decision, the little baby started to recover – she gained some weight, and the surgery she had on her brain, improved her life. Her head was ‘decreased’ for two inches and it stopped swelling.

Today this little baby girl named Nika, has two years and it is living with Sara and her boyfriend Steven in Louisiana. They became her new parents, and this little baby girl finally received the needed love and care.

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This Baby Was Left For Dead In The Trash – See How It Looks Today (PHOTO)! This Baby Was Left For Dead In The Trash – See How It Looks Today (PHOTO)! Reviewed by World Health Info on October 28, 2016 Rating: 5
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