There are many things we don’t know about our blood types. 

For this article, the purpose is to present you what your blood type actually says about your personality and other facts you may not have known.


These people normally put the others first. 

They’re very fondly individuals and good listeners. 

Likewise, they’re great at emotions and sometimes struggle with anxiety and depression.

The best professions for people with blood type A include librarians, writers, economists, and accountants. 

When it comes to love, they go well with blood Type A and AB individuals.

Type B

People with blood type B are extroverts. 

They can  become good friends as well as listeners.  

They’re very prone to body language and have very good intuition.

Their best profession is detectives, journalists, and psychiatrist. 

In love, they’re perfect with A and AB.


This is the most spiritual of all blood types. 

People with this blood type are also very rational and level-headed. 

They’ve exceptional planning and organizing abilities. 

Type AB individuals tend to over-generate hormones like adrenaline, resulting in very high and intense moods.

They’re good performers in  public relations, managerial,  and educational positions. 

In love, they go well with all blood types.


This is the most common blood type. 

They’re focused on making friends and they’re always in leading positions.

The best profession for this includes accountants, politicians, and businessmen.


In every blood type above, there’s a smaller subset called Rh-negative.  

If you’re Rh-negative, many of the traits of your primary blood type will apply, plus a few extra.

For instance, Rh-negative people have a higher IQ than average plus intense empathic qualities. 

They normally have numerous  unexplained phobias. 

In love, they’re more compatible with individuals of all blood types. 

However, caution has to be taken if their partner is Rh-positive.

The use of Rh immune globulin medical injections  will prevent Rh-incompatibility where the mother’s body attacks the fetus.

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