A large number of beaches around the world is less secure. The water is more polluted and increasingly dangerous for swimmers who can pick up a dangerous disease of such water.

This girl wants to swim and it cost her the hell that was subsequently passed.

She has a strong inflammation because bathed in water that was full of bacteria that finished under the wound she had before. First, a rash around the wound, and then started swelling, and the day after that, everything is turned into a painful infection.

“At first,” her mother thought that it was poison ivy, so he put some cream, but things did not improve soon her swollen eyes, neck and hands.

When she took her doctor diagnosed skin infections caused by streptococci (bacteria) in the water.

These infections are manifested in children through red swelling around face.

Doctors warned not to enter into the sea if you have open wounds or scratches, especially not after the rain, because then in the water can be found a very dangerous bacteria and feces.

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