10 Reasons Why Children Under the Age of 12 Shouldn`t Use Handheld Devices

According to the Canadian Society of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should have restricted access to handheld devices.  

More precisely, children under the age of 2 should never use them,  3-5 years old should be allowed to use them for one hour per day, while those 6-18 years old only 2 hours.

However, children use technology 4-5 times more than normal and this leads to serious developmental consequences.

Brain Growth

The brain of children grows very quickly and if it`s not stimulated properly because of the overexposure to technology like TV, mobile phones, Internet it can result with attention deficit, cognitive delays, impaired learning  and will not develop the ability to self-regulate.

Developmental Consequences

Children under the age of 12 should be forbidden from overusing handheld technology. 

The use of technology has negative impact on the literacy and academic achievement of children and the result is delayed development.


One in four children in Canada and US are obese. 

30% of them develop diabetes which leads to higher risk of heart attack and shorter life expectancy. 

This is a result of using handheld technology too much.

No Sleep

75% of children use technology before sleep and those aged 9 and 10 sleep much less because of that, which affects their grades.

Mental Disorder

Overuse of technology can lead to problematic behavior, bipolar disorder, anxiety, attention deficit and child depression.


Media violence has been categorized in the USA as a Public Health Risk. Public media, which very often broadcast physical and sexual content, and violent video games where murders and torture are portrayed are the main reason for child aggression.


High speed media affect the child`s brain and result with decreased concentration, attention deficit and affects its ability to learn as well.

Technology Addiction

Parents who overuse technology detach from their children and because of that children attach to technology addiction which results in technology addiction.


The World Health Organization classifies the cell phones as possible carcinogens- category 2B risk. Based on new research,  Dr. Anthony Miller from the University of Toronto`s School of Public Health recommended that these should be reclassified as 2A-possible carcinogen.


Children that are raised with technology are not sustainable because they do not develop fully in order to function in society.

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