According to the Canadian Society of Paediatrics and the American Academy of Paediatrics all children should have limited or no access to any handled devices. 

This especially goes for children under the age of 2 who should not use them in any case, whereas children who are 3-5 years old are advised to use them for an hour a day, and finally children between from 6-18 are advised to use them for only 2 hours a day.

All this is due to the fact that modern technology is severely abused by kids, even 4-5 times more than usual and it may cause proper development issues.

Brain growth

The brain in children is the fastest growing organ of the body, and if it is not stimulated adequately and in accordance with the environmental circumstances it can lead to various problems. 

The overexposure to technology items such as cell phones, TV, iPads, Internet, can cause attention shortfall, learning capacity deficit and other major troubles.

Developmental Consequences

Technology-dependent children can easily suffer from development problems, which can restrain their thinking and logical capacities. That is why children younger than 12 should not be allowed to use handled technology or any sort.


The technology nowadays disables children from being physically active and on the go, and this can result in obesity. 

Because of this, one of one in four children in Canada and US is faced with obesity issues. 

Around 30% of these kids are developing diabetes later on in life and suffer bigger risk of heart diseases and shorter longevity.

No Sleep

Approximately 75% of children are engaged with handled technology in their rooms and children around 9 or 10 lack sleeping as a result, which harms their studying image.

Mental Disorder

Misbehaviour can be a direct outcome of technology abuse and the same can also cause psychosis, bipolar disorder, attention issues, anxiety and depression in children.


Violent and inappropriate media content can lead to aggression in children and all these are more than often found in the latest video games, movies, and TV programmes. 

Torture and abuse has shockingly become regularity in media to such an extent that in USA media violence has been declared as a Public Health Risk.


Attention shortfall can occur if the child is exposed to intensive media content which can lower the concentration and affect their ability to memorize and learn.

Technology Addiction

Parents who overuse technology isolate themselves from their children. 

Since children learn from their parents, they can learn to become addicted to media and technology as well.


Declared as cancer threat (category2B risk) by the World Health Organization, cell phones trigger the greatest risk of brain damage in children. According to Dr. Anthony Miller from the University of Toronto’s School of Public Health and his recent research, cell phones and similar devices such as tablets, smart phones and i-phones should even be acknowledged as a 2A (probable carcinogen) devices.


Social adapting and creating people skills can become very difficult for children who are hung up on handled technology gadgets. 

The proper upbringing of our children should be our primary goal and because of that we need to engage ourselves in protecting our children from such potential threats as quick as possible.

Here are some guidelines presented by Dr. Andrew Doan, neuroscientist and author of Hooked on Games; Dr. Hilarie Cash, Director of restart Internet Addiction Recovery Program and author of Video Games and Your Kids; and Cris Rowan, paediatric occupational therapist and author of Virtual Child.

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