In addition to a known trick that cookies do not stick to the pan, baking paper can be used to solve and some other minor problems at home.

Here are 10 new ways to use baking paper. 

That will make your life easier and eliminate the small obstacles that often no one knows how to fix it!

1.Shine the fountain

Baking paper can clean the fountain and get a glow! 

Shoe, paper will remove water stains and wax from the paper, at some time, will protect from developing of new spots.

2.Cover the shelves

Place the baking paper on top-shelve in the kitchen where the dust is collected, also the fat from cooking. 

In a few months, replace them be surprised, how much dirt to stay on them.

3.Clean the floor

Place the baking paper as a rag and wipe the floor as usual way. 

It’ll pick up all the dirt from the floor and polish it with wax paper.

4.Clean the iron

If your iron is dirty, do the following: on a baking paper, sprinkle salt when during the iron in warm to the maximum, gently rub until all the dirt is removed.

5.Save the can opener

The baking paper is coated with wax, which will be transferred to the cutting edge of the opener and it will clean it if it is dirty, but it will additionally coated and thus keep rust and “lubricate” to open effortlessly.

6.Prevent creaking door

Doors that creak as it bend when closing and opening, rub with baking paper and get rid of unpleasant sound. 

Wax paper will be coated the edges and the door will open and close easily.

7.Keep the garden tools

After use, clean garden tools with this paper. 

Besides, you will easily remove the remains of the soil, wax paper will protect the metal from rust.

8.Unlock the stuck zipper

If you notice that the zipper on your jacket or bag stuck in a place, rub it with baking paper. 

It will be like new.

9.Cover the shelves in the fridge

The baking paper is ideal for lining shelves and drawers, even in the refrigerator. 

Will protect the shelves if something is spilled, enough to not have to clean the whole fridge than just replace the paper.

10.Clean the metal rod

To the rings on the shower curtain slid easily, rub the bar with baking paper and thus lubricate and wipe the dust that is definitely stuck in time. 

The same principle, use to the cleaning of dust rods in closets and wardrobes.

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