10 Warning Signs Your Woman Doesn’t Respect You

The key to a healthy and strong relationship is respect. It is very hard to define it. 

So each woman craves for love, while each man craves for woman’s respect. 

Every person needs to understand that their opinion, judgment, and feelings are highly significant to their partners.

These are the signs that show your woman does not respect you:

 She does not listen

Each person should have a chance to speak up his mind. When a woman interrupts you and disagrees every time, it means that she does not respect you.

She speaks negatively about your family

In-laws are really difficult to be loved, but an ideal woman still respects and loves them. 

A woman who does not respect you will often disrespect your family and speak negative things about them.

She is always annoyed

Once you want to spend more time with her she gets annoyed.

She is usually unkind

If your girl is usually rude and unkind, it basically means that she disrespects you and your feeling.

She points out the wrong in you

Disrespecting woman will always remind her husband about his wrongs.

Compares you to another guy

She shows a lack of respect for you by frequently comparing you with other guys.

She is not proud of you

The woman who does not respect her man is ashamed of him and does not mention him in public.

She makes fun of you

Teasing is different from making fun in public. 

If she loves making fun of you in front of her friends, it means she does not respect you.

She never seems grateful

The woman who loves and respects her partner will be grateful for each thing, however, she won’t be thankful if she does not respect you.

She uses threatening language

Respect begins by not causing harm to a person but a disrespecting woman often uses threatening language and angry words.

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