Parents across the nation are all too familiar with the constant battles for their children’s attention and affection, as well as the battle to keep those children on the straight and narrow. There’s plenty of obstacles that pop up along the way, including the very real fear of the children’s exposure to harmful and deadly drugs.

As AWM explains, there’s another one that we all need to be concerned about. This synthetic drug is from the opioid family, and it goes by the name of ‘pink’ on the streets. Lest you think it’s a problem that’s only gripping the inner cities, it’s actually making its way all across the nation.

In fact, the drug was responsible for the death of a pair of 13-year-old boys in the state of Utah. Toxicology reports confirmed the drug was within their system, and it was also frighteningly discovered that they had purchased it online. The drug also goes by the name of U-47700, and it’s reportedly synthesized in labs overseas.

The incredibly potent drug is said to be eight times as powerful as morphine. Share this story with your friends and loved ones to help spread the word, as education remains one of the most effective tools in helping children stay away from drugs.

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