These days, we live in a world with new medical advancements achieved daily. 

Moreover, we are made to believe in the effectiveness in certain medications, however, often times, they are not as effective as presented, but even worse- they’re detrimental for our well being. 

In fact, recently, there has been a shocking connection revealed between vaccines and cancer.

Namely, last year, six doctors, specializing in holistic medicine, began disappearing, one after the other. 

On June 19th, Dr. Bradstreet was found with a fatal chest wound from a gunshot. 

The investigators said that this was suicide. 

However, his family claims that Dr. Bradstreet was never suicidal.

Only two days after his death, two other doctors from Florida, that is, Dr. Holt and Dr. Hedendal were found dead under suspicious circumstances. 

Their families haven’t received the final report from the investigation yet. 

On the same day, Dr. Whiteside, went for a walk but never came back.

On July 3rd, Dr. Fitzpatrick went missing. 

He was travelling to Montana from North Dakota. 

His truck was located, but there were no signs of the doctor.

The thing in common which these doctors have is their medical findings. 

Hence, they discovered that a certain enzyme in vaccines can cause cancer. 

The enzyme is known as nagalese and it’s a natural by-product of cancer cells. 

Nagalese absorbs vitamin D from the body, which is vital for the human body in the fight against cancer and other illnesses.

The shocking thing about their disappearances is that it occurred just before their decision to announce their breaking discoveries about the connection between cancer and vaccines.

Dr. Ted Broer and his team revealed this finding. 

Take a look at the full broadcast below:

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