6 Bad Habits That Make You Look Older Than You Are

Trying to keep your skin looking as young and as wrinkle free as possible has become an obsession. 

And it’s no wonder why; 

having younger looking skin can give you confidence and make you feel beautiful. 

Even men secretly would like to remain wrinkle free.

As a result, many women try all the beauty tips and tricks they can find to slow and stop the effects of aging. 

The problem is, wrinkles aren’t just caused by aging, they can also be the result of bad habits.

If you have one of these habits, you might unknowingly be undoing all of your efforts to keep your skin looking young.

6 Bad Habits For Your Skin:

Long, hot showers

A steamy shower at the end of the day might help you relax before bed, but it’s not doing your skin any favors. 

Longer showers can wash away your skin’s natural oils, leaving it vulnerable and unprotected. 

Similarly, saunas and steam baths should also be avoided.

The best solution is to keep your showers on the shorter and lukewarm side of things, if possible. 

Once in a while probably isn’t the end of the world, but long, hot showers shouldn’t be part of your everyday routine.

Sleeping on your face or with makeup

If you regularly sleep on your stomach or your side, you are almost certainly causing wrinkles to form due to the repeated compression of your skin. 

If possible you should try to transition to sleeping on your back. 

And you should never sleep with makeup on.

Repetitive facial expressions

If you make the same face over and over your facial muscles will slowly lose their flexibility, causing fine lines to form. 

Obviously we use facial expressions to communicate and often make them subconsciously, but you should try to avoid making the same exact frown day after day, if possible. Drinking through straws should be avoided for the same reason.

Forgetting other areas

Often so much emphasis is put on facial skin, that other areas are forgotten. 

Wrinkly and saggy skin on your hands or neck can age you just as fast as wrinkles on your face.

Be sure to make them a part of your regular beauty routine. 

Use moisturizer as often as you can, especially when getting out of the shower because your hands will already be wet and the moisturizer will help lock in the water.

Exfoliating too much

You might think the more the better, but over-exfoliating can actually cause your skin to lose its natural oils and cause unnecessary stress on your skin. 

Try to keep the exfoliating to once a week, and only scrub gently.

Classic bad habits

We all know the classic bad habits for your skin, but they bear repeating. 

Drinking too much alcohol or smoking can both speed up the effects of aging and damage your health more generally.

Not wearing enough sunscreen can cause collagen to breakdown, leading to unwanted wrinkles. 

You should also try to minimize stress, avoid processed foods and crash dieting, and drink plenty of water.

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