It’s no secret that men want sex. And generally, they want it a lot. But what other things does your man want from you? Women always got the spotlight on them because in most cases, whether a printed magazine or an article, if not all, then most of it talks about us. As much as I am excited to write about our kind of thing, I am more eager to tackle about the rareness of what men want in a relationship.

Here are the 7 Things Men Really Really Want In A Relationship :

1st clue: Accept & Respect

Men, like us, have failures from the past, it may be on some decision making, certain relationships, or an undesirable temper. Okay! Let’s face the truth. You love the person which literally means, you have to accept that everything of it belongs from his past. And we don’t have to ask for every single detail he had done because what matters, is how you want him to be his best than what he was yesterday, without of course the intention to change him (because that’s how you want him to become) but on how he wants to be better with you and the people around.

First of all, he wants you to understand and respect his decisions because if you really love your man, you trust him on how he handles things as long as it has good effects on you both, then I guess you don’t have to worry a lot. Chill! 

2nd clue: Constant Communication

Most failed relationships as surveyed comes from lack of communication. Men never really want to guess for goodness sake! Well, at least sometime we want them to be sensitive on us, but we can’t blame them, that’s how men are – naturally. So if you have a problem with how he treats you and how he behaves when you’re around, tell him – straightforward (calmly and gently). That’s how they want it. They’re not fortune tellers who can see everything beyond simple gestures and answers – simply, tell him how you feel, what’s going to your workplace, and how was everything that day.

Women as they call it, are better communicators than men. Use it to discuss some things about your relationship. I promise, when you have this applied to you, you’ll have a sense of attachment than what you are before.

3rd clue: Privacy and Limitations

Who would want to tell a partner “Honey, just leave me alone, please?” You got to be kidding! That’s not it. Couple surely shares what they have, to their other half, but for some reasons, we want space much as men wants! After all, they have their own kind of stuffs like we want to be with our best friend and shop the whole day, or have a coffee with our officemate. Men, sometimes need to be alone, they want to get rid of the busy schedules they went through the whole week. Like us, they need time to relax with their old buddies from college and hang out sometime.

Never make any stupid issues out of it or nag about it. Be the woman who knows her limits when he has night-out with his friends and simply trust him. You don’t need his social account’s password and check it daily – you may have trust issues that way. Let him do his stuffs and make him feel that you respect it.

4th clue: Affirmation & Compliment

Take good care of their tender egos which they have.

Men want to be adored by women, especially by their partners. When they received such praises from you, you’re helping boost their manly self-confidence! Yes, they want it – that sincere single praise comes from you. Though most of the time, they hardly believe what you say (and that’s to be expected from them) but they could have a good drive on their way to work just by seeing that “approval look” on your face. Never stop that! 

5th clue: Consideration

When comes to decision making, how many of you have considered the side of your partners? Some women tend to be superior than men because they may find it easier that way, but we have to understand that no matter what the circumstances are, we really need the approval of each other. It’s not that we have become their puppets, but recognizing their existence in the relationship would be of great help to let them know that we are willing to face everything when we’re with them and in return they may have the assurance that we truly need them and it’s worth the fight. 

6th clue: Physical Touch

A touch on his back, a massage on his neck and head, or simply play with his hair gently may help him get relaxed from his tiring day of work. Be smart enough to at least know the basics. He may not need to tell you because it’s that simple. Men don’t just need sex all the time! What they need equivalent to this is you know how to make him feel better; make him feel you need him.

Sometimes, they need not hear the words “I love you and I’m always here for you” because by mere touch, he knows you really do.

7th clue: Sexual Connection

Men and women build strong connections just by doing – sex. When women are better at communicating, men are confident enough through sex (most of them).

To tell you, when your partner initiates by doing the kissing, hugs you, and touch you, you may even feel that he wants you, and simply needs you. Men liked exciting partners – well, this may go vice versa. And you could tell how much he’s into you!

Now you know these seven things to help you guided and I hope you will have a long yet exciting journey together! Keep up the spark and enjoy!

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