8 Signs That Prove You Mean A Lot To Him!

Relationships are tough but if they are right, they would only make your life seem easier and filled with love. 

So what is it that would let you know that you could see your comfortable future with your man? 

For that, you should know if he is into you and willing to spend his life with you because many times you just can’t figure it out and asking seems like being “desperate”, right? So here are points that you could bring to notice:

He asks you before he makes plans.

And, it isn’t because you are so dominating, but because he wants to know if you are free or if you are planning to spend time on the same time, because, you are his first priority.

He doesn’t assign you tasks.

He isn’t so evil that he asks you to do his work or finish tasks around home. 

He know that you have your own life and own work to do rather finishing his.

He keeps a check on you.

And not in a negative way, but because he is concerned that you are doing okay even when he is not around. 

Also, when he is with you, he will make sure that you are not feeling weak or your health is okay.

He doesn’t remind you what favors he does.

A relationship doesn’t mean you keep count on things you do for them. 

If your guy does that, it means he is being a bit fake as he keeps reminding you what all he does for you.

He is honest.

You have never caught him lying to you and always tells you about the places he went and the places he hung out. 

He is not hiding away secrets from you by using lies.

He isn’t selfish when it comes to you.

That doesn’t mean that you should take advantage of it, but make sure that he gets to fulfill his wishes also, and not just stick around your plans.

He has nothing against you.

He won’t be threatening you when you both have a fight as in to bring against you if you leave him.

You have rational arguments.

Even if both of you can have irrational fears, you don’t end up fighting about those. 

The arguments that you both have are quite practical and you both always tend to figure things out!

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8 Signs That Prove You Mean A Lot To Him! 8 Signs That Prove You Mean A Lot To Him! Reviewed by Health Tips on November 29, 2016 Rating: 5
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