8 Signs You Have A Man That Will Love You Forever

The feeling to be in love will keep you satisfied, also the feeling to be loved gives you the feeling of security. 

To have a man beside you, feel and be protected.

In this post we are going to present you 8 signs which will make you feel sure that the man who is beside you will love you lifelong.

1.Pampered princess

While you are around him you need to feel like princess. 

Men can be nice but this is different. 

If he pampers you all the time even around his friend and family he thinks on the long run

2.The couple

He need to say we instead of me in the situations when he is planning the future.

 So if he is saying we, he is planning to have better future for you and him.

3.Let me help you

If he is always there for you, and he is helping you for everything you need he is the one.

4.Talks about the future

Men who are with you just until something better comes along will never make plans about the future but focus only on the present. 

If your men talks about your holidays next year and makes plans about the far future you can be sure he sees you in his future as well.

5.In tune

Sure, your man thinks you are a beauty, but does his face light up when you enter the room? 

Men who are head over heels in love simply radiate when they see you, and they can’t hide it. 

Even when you look like you stuck your finger into a light socket, in their eyes, nobody compares.

6.Those four little words

If he is telling you that you are the one, you will be married couple soon.

7.Just you

If you are the first person that he is going to call if he is in trouble, or for good news, he is the one. 

You need to trust in him. You’re the most important person in his life.


When his family starts talking about how much he loves you it’s a sure sign he’s in for the long haul. 

You know, when he walks out of the room, and his mom tells you that she overheard him telling his dad that he thinks you are the perfect woman for him. 

Hurray, you’ve found your Prince Charming and he’s yours for keeps.

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