It’s very tiring to maneuver your way through a relationship, especially when it is a one-sided effort and facing a terrible relationship.  You can’t figure out whether or not to continue fighting; or is there still something left worth fighting for?
But then again, if you choose love to prevail, I guarantee you, it will. So while you are trying so hard to keep the relationship going, here are 8 signs of either it’s on the brink and might need some reinforcement or worst, a very terrible one:


This is one of dilemmas in a relationship. When attention is gone, love might also be. Well, it is not that attention quantifies love, but it affirms and sustains love. The moment your partner starts ignoring you or choosing some other things or people over you, you might want to start evaluating your relationship


Trust is the foundation of all human interactions, may it be business or personal, but it is more needed in personal interactions or relationships. When two people decide to be together, trust in each other is implied. This can make or break a relationship.


You (either or both of you), isolate yourself from the world. You create a world of your own. Like, you always want to be alone together and just ditch a weekend getaway or a night out with friends. This is horrible. This is unhealthy. This is majorly terrible relationship. You cannot isolate yourself from the world. What if you two break up? Who will you run to for comfort when you’ve ditched all your friends while you two were busy about each other? Socializing is a vital part of a relationship. You get to learn from others; you get to solicit advice from them; you get to meet people outside and just gain different ideals.


Either of you has an issue with pride. You just can’t stand being corrected or turned down or ignored, even with a valid reason, which is ultimately wrong. When pride gets in your way, you will most likely develop a competition; and it is a completely terrible relationship. Because gaps caused by pride can, more often than not, accumulate until you realize you’re already miles apart by heart.


Communication is the heart of a relationship; without it, you can never be successful. When this is barred or missed out, it will develop misunderstanding, and misunderstanding is the gateway to all the rest of the problems.


Fights are good; they keep a relationship healthy. But what is important is that you both commit to meet half way to solve problems. When you do not make 

compromises, either of you will be in control, and when one takes the steering wheel, the other might start to feel uncomfortable. This will most likely result to even worse dilemmas.


Jealousy is good, but only up to some point. It feels good to know that your partner is jealous, it’s a cute sign of love; he/she values you so much that he/she doesn’t want to share you with others, still in a cute way. But when it becomes severe, to the point that he/she becomes jealous with your friends, your family, your cat, your dog or even with your hobbies— this is another story. Unhealthy jealousy can be the cause of fights. Fights that shouldn’t have been there. Then will later on result to cold war and maybe then, a tragic cool off.


We all know this is a big no-no in all relationships. We need to be honest, to be able to interact and deliver ourselves well. When this is absent, you become less likely to understand what the other feels or says, because you become to focus on not being caught with your lies.

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