“There were, passed, and come back again some tough times my son!” – Said the old man.

– “Since I know for myself it was always difficult to live, but before it was easier to live than now it is. People did not have so much, but the hearts were satisfied with what they have. The heart was full of love from the rising respect for people. My father was my father, the mother – was mother and a child – was a child. And today? You do not need to talk too much everything is known.

More and more people all over the world are washing with their own tears, because happiness for some is only term or a fairy tale. If you ask me, son, for a long, long time I did not feel some crumb of joy and peace. Long time I did not, my son, laughed heartily. You know what “from the soul”.

I called her with various names, but I did not know that I need to call her only ‘my life’. But now I know…

And if you ask me about the children, they are good with me, just they to be well! All have their children and their lives. They come and visit me as they can, give me what they can. I sit here by the window and watch for hours somewhere, and to ask me where I do not even know!

But I watch and wait, and when I see the loving faces of my children coming to me it is as the sun shines. Although it rarely shine on me. They tell me that they have too much of their obligations and are constantly in a hurry.

Remember, my son, God gives and people use. Still, something good has given us and left and that is that we are all children and that we will be parents. That, today we are young – and tomorrow old. That, today we are strong – and tomorrow week. That today we are healthy and tomorrow, who knows? And yes if there is justice, that’s right there is!

I used to be young and strong. I was both happy and enthusiastic. And my mother and father waited for me just like and I wait now. Therefore, do not forget, my son, everything is coming back! “

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