A Magic Blanket That Is Effective Against Cancer, Insomnia, Autism and Many Other Health Issues

Temple Grandin is a professor who invented the squeezing machine. 

She invented this machine to help her with her own sensory needs since she deals with autism on a daily basis.

According to Dr. Grandin this machine is beneficial for children with ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and children with autistic disorder. 

The side effects of the squeezing machine are minimal. 

Autism is a heterogeneous disorder. 

If a treatment is effective for one child, it does not mean that it will be effective for another. 

The squeezing machine will be excellent for autistic people who face over-sensitivity problems. 

Autistic people who have more cognitive problems and less sensory problems are less likely to benefit from this machine.

The Grandin’s machine applies adjustable pressure. 

The pressure stimulates the feeling of being hugged. 

People with Aspergers, Autism and sensory disorders feel better when weight is pressed against them. 

The pressure from the weight of these blankets increases the production of endorphins and serotonin. 

The body naturally produces these chemicals in order to feel more calm and relaxed.

The blanket is effective for people who suffer from the following disorders and health problems:

• Autism spectrum disorder – ASD

• Asperger’s syndrome

• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder –ADHD/ADD

• Anxiety

• Aggressive Behavior

• Alzheimer’s disease

• Agitation

• Brain trauma injury

• Bi-polar disorder

• Chemo anxiety

• Cancer anxiety

• Charge syndrome

• Cerebral palsy

• Down syndrome

• Dental anxiety

• Fibromyalgia

• Fetal alcohol syndrome

• Insomnia

• Menopause

• OCD – obsessive compulsive disorder

• Post-traumatic stress disorder

• Pain


• Parkinson’s disease

• Rett’s syndrome

• Restless sleep

• Restless leg syndrome

• Sensory processing disorder

• Seizures

• Tourette’s syndrome

• Tension

• Williams syndrome

The occupational therapist Karen Moore claims that these weighted blankets are the best tool for helping people who suffer from anxiety or are upset.

These amazing blankets affect the deep pressure touch receptors in the body. 

When pressure is applied the body automatically becomes relaxed. 

The blankets work in the same manner as a firm hug. 

They make us feel safe, grounded and secure. 

The reason why some people want to sleep under a blanket even in summer is the need to feel secure and safe while sleeping.

The weighted blankets are an excellent substitution for the squeezing machine. 

Everyone can have these blankets, while the machine cannot be owned by most people. 

Many different types of these blankets can exist on the market. 

For instance, the blankets may have pockets in them or the amount of weight of the blanket can be adjusted according to the person’s levels of comfort. 

The pockets can be placed according to the desired area on the body where the blanket should apply pressure. 

For example, there may be weight on the chest and not on the stomach.

The blankets may use polypropylene pellets which are commonly found in children’s toys. 

The blankets can also use Pollyfill pillow stuffing as well. 

Both of these substances are not toxic and they are hypoallergenic.

While the filling of the blanket cannot be changed, the weight can be adjusted when the blanket is bought or ordered. 

The blanket is created with placing the filling within square pockets that are later sown together.

When you order the blanket, you may also choose to buy a blanket with organic millet filling.

The following chart will show you how to choose the weight and size of the blanket according to your own weight and height.

User Height                        User Weight                          Blanket Size                              Blanket Weight
34″                                           37.5 lbs                                      30″ x 40″                                              5 lbs
42″                                           37.5 lbs                                      36″ x 48″                                              5 lbs
50″                                           52.5 lbs                                     42″ x 56″                                               7 lbs
54″                                           112.5 lbs                                    41″ x 60″                                              15 lbs
70″                                           187 lbs                                      56″ x 76″                                               25 lbs

Some therapists are worried that the people who use these blankets regularly may become acclimated with the blankets. 

This will reduce the benefits of the weighted blankets. 

Therefore, the blankets should be used according to the behavior and circumstances, meaning when the blanket is necessary.

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