After Reading This You Will Never Eat McDonalds French Fries Again

French fries are considered as the unhealthiest foods that people eat regularly. 

They make you fat and increase the risk of serious health conditions. 

Also, they contain many suspicious preservatives which is one more reason why you shouldn`t eat them.

According to Dr. Christopher Ochner`s research conducted at the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center at St. 

Luke`s Roosevelt Hospital Center, a portion of French fries contains 500 calories, 25g of fat, 63g of carbohydrates, 350mg of sodium, 6g of fiber and 6g of protein.

Moreover, vegetarians may be shocked by the fact that some fast food restaurant owners use beef flavorings that contain hydrolyzed wheat and milk.

Vegetable oil (blend)

The frozen French fries are once fried before the freezing, then once again after the delivery to the restaurant. 

The oil in the fryer is combined with hydrogenated soybean oil. 

In the process of hydrogenation of the soybean oil, the unsaturated fat becomes saturated. 

The trans fats it contains prevents the oil from going rancid, but it increases the chances for the development of heart disease.

Citric acid

Even though it is considered safe for use, this preservative makes potatoes last for months, which worries the experts.


This powerful preservative is found in many food products. 

Animal studies have shown that it can cause peptic ulcer or a damage in the DNA structures.


Interestingly, sugar can be worse than fat. 

According to the latest research, the body converts the sugar into fat more easily than it converts fat into fat.


Phosphates keep the freshness of the fries for a longer time and keep the golden brown color for up to two months. 

This ingredient is frequently used in commercially prepared cakes, pancakes, pudding, waffles, canned fish and cold meat.

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