Community Comes Together To Save A Homeless Man

For years, 83-year-old Don Luciano Chuman wandered the streets of Ferrenafe, Peru, looking for safe places to sleep. Like many homeless people, he was rarely able to change his clothes or take a shower, so he was covered in filth for most of his life.

Many people avoided him, but the people at the Peregrin Evangelical Church decided that they couldn’t stand by and let him suffer.

Chuman wandered through the town for years without bathing or changing his clothes.

His main concern was finding a safe place to sleep.

The church community banded together and provided Chuman with a shower, haircut, and change of clothes. But in the end, they gave him so much more than that.

They also gave him some money to get him back on his feet, and arranged for social services to provide him with food on a regular basis. He was also examined at a local hospital.

Here he is after some much-needed TLC.

These people came together to provide him with the love and care he so desperately needed.

They bathed him…

…and gave him a haircut.

Things are looking much better for him now.

After uploading these photos to the town’s Facebook page, news of the charitable act quickly spread throughout the world. 

People everywhere lauded the selfless act as an example of how every community should treat their poor and homeless populations. 

All people are deserving of kindness and compassion.

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