After a wave of refugees, Europe will hit and destroy a large environmental disaster, and for six years the planet will run out of drinking water.

This hard Kaede Uber, from France’s Montpellier, only 12 years old, considered by many the successor Baba Vange (Vanghelie Pandev Dimitrova).

The mystery baby

Bulgarian prophetess allegedly before his death in 1996 announced that it will be several years after her departure to the other world in Europe will be born a girl with her gift. These are all forgotten until 2009 in a French newspaper has not appeared news that the five-year Kaede Uber few years earlier predicted the global economic crisis.

As some media, the researchers studied the paranormal abilities are her prophecies and behavior and allegedly discovered that it was indeed the successor of Baba Vanga. As evidence, he cited its behavior, which resembles the behavior of the Bulgarian psychic.

When Kaede turned seven years, appeared on Russian television, where he talked about his prophecies, then predicted the victory of Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections in Russia.

However, after several interviews, and Kaede and her whole family are gone. Over five years, the blast media, there was no mention of the girl, but many believed that she died or have been killed. However, recently reappeared on one television.

– The terrorist attacks and the refugee wave will hit Europe hard, because the whole world will be in danger. Many people will be killed and the blood will flow on all sides. Four months after that, Europe will hit environmental disaster and the planet will be for six years, left without drinking water – said she.

National project

Of course, the story of Baba Vangina prophecies and claims of its alleged successor many skeptics dismiss as totally unfounded. There are researchers who have long argued that all work Vanghelie Dimitrova was well designed propaganda led by the state, and the evidence of that state that she hung out with Todor Zhivkov, the communist leader of Bulgaria, and appeared at party conferences.

In addition, most of the prophecies, which is attached to it, such as the attacks of 11 September 2001 and bregzita always somehow appear in public after the event, but later claimed that it was she predicted. In a similar way, say, someone is behind the alleged prophecies girls, which today has only 12 years.

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