We all hate this period of flu and allergies, and to prevent these reactions, or to alleviate the symptoms, try some of these tips:

Maintain good hygiene at home, you do not have to use only purchasing products full of chemicals, you can always turn to some natural resources such as lemon peel for cleaning surfaces, etc.

Drink tea – tea cools you off in the summer time and also heates you  up during the winter colds that is exactly why you need to drink tea more often, not just when you are sick.

Add lemon and honey (but not in hot tea, since it will make it lose its properties).

Healthy diet – what you eat and drink is very important to maintain your health, but it is also essential for the treatment of many conditions. Eat fruits, vegetables, and remove products filled with harmful substances that are very dangerous.

Garlic is good in treating flu, but if you have problems with the stomach and intestines, it should not consume it much.

Eight hours of sleep is very important for our functioning and health. Try to sleep at least eight hours and you will feel much better.

Meditate every day, because it will help you get rid of stress and make you feel much better.

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