Donald Trump Won! THIS Is How It Will Affect The World…

First of all, you have to understand that the system is bigger than a president. It’s a mechanism created through the years with many parts all working together. Nobody really controls it, it’s an entity by itself, a projection of our mutual interests, partnerships and strategies.

Some might try to manipulate the system, but that’s it. If you have power you can use the system for your own benefit. But no one DRIVES it except all the individual parts together.

With this cleared out, a president differs from another candidate by the strategies he will try to implement inside the system. However, because the system is a lot bigger than any president what the president does will not have a world changing impact.

The strategies have to agree with most parts in the system, or at least the most powerful ones, otherwise they’ll be dismantled.

This shows, that no matter who is elected president in one country it has small effect to the rest of the world because the system today is far bigger.

It’s more mutual than individual than ever in human history.

Donald Trump is elected president of The US. For the future of the world this means that The US and Russia will have better relations than they had in a long time.

Donald said that The Us gives too much money helping other countries. It means that the money US spends in helping other countries for military causes will reduce and be used for something else, probably reducing the debt.

Partnership of 2 of the strongest countries in the world is a good thing for everyone as the friction is reduced. With reduced friction, the energy wasted is reduced. This means there is more energy to be spent on important global problems and finding possible solutions.

As for the issues of immigration, Donald has ‘controversial’ strategy of building a wall and deporting people from The US.

For the rest of the world this means that either immigrants will be spread out, possibly to European countries, or brought back to their home countries.

But people of the world will not change. The awakening will not stop. The way we treat each other, the way we support each other will not decrease.

In fact, it has nothing to do with who is president.

The change is happening on individual level. It’s an awakening of the consciousness of individuals. It’s opening of our hearts and seeing the world as it is, without the filters of our own demons and egos.

And this change is the most important one. Because this change is what really has the power to change the system itself as the system is a projection of our psyche, of our weaknesses and strengths, of our greed and egoistic desires.

If people are less greedy, if people are less addicted to shopping and hoarding products, if people choose reason before their animal urges, if people love each other, the system will change for better no matter who is president.

Some say that Hillary Clinton is the mask and Donald Trump is the mirror of The US. But I personally believe that we are all each other’s mirrors. We all see in others what’s deep inside ourselves. And if we saw something we didn’t like in Donald Trump, maybe we should seek to get rid of that thing in ourselves.

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