Don’t Ignore These Sign of Emotional Abuse!

Emotional abuse is more than just verbal insults, the most common definition of emotional abuse. 

It has been proven that cause as much psychological damage as physical and sexual violence. 

Threatens, insult, isolates, degrades, humiliates, and/or controls another person on the name of love is actually a victim of emotional abuse and it is important to seek help.

You are constantly accused of things you didn’t do. 

You avoid healthy activities for fear that your partner will misinterpret your motives.

You are not allowed to see certain friends or family members as often as you would like to.
Your partner will not allow you to control your own finances.

When your partner suggests that you do something, you do not feel safe saying no.

Your partner decides what is best for you. 

This applies to your career, your clothing, and how you spend your time.

When your partner is upset, it always seems to be your fault.

You do not feel safe poking fun at your partner in the same way they poke fun at you.

You are always wrong, and your partner is always right.

You feel guilty for doing anything that does not involve your partner.

Your partner checks up on you often. 

They demand to know where you are and who you are with at all times.

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