Most people these days tend to be busier than before. Because of this, they tend to keep their selves away from having a healthy lifestyle, and the result is, their love making performance lowers down. 

Failure to eat the right amount of food, consuming too much alcohol and smoking cigarettes could actually help affect our reproductive health. 

You no longer have to worry because we have here the list of food that you should consume to improve your performance in making love: 

1. Corn

- Corn is high in fiber and cotains manganese. Fiber helps lower down your sugar levels and increase your energy levels.

2. Pumpkin

- It contains zinc that helps increase your testosterone levels. 

3. Dry Fruits

- Consuming dry fruits regularly will help increase your reproductive health. 

4. Maca

- This is a fruit in Peru that is known as a herb that happens to be an aphrodisiac. This containst Vitamini B that provides more energy. 

5. Soya Beans

- This is a natural booster for women. It has an enzyme called Genistein that could help the organs of women to function during menopause.

6. Apples

- This contains Phenylethylamine that gives organs a boost! 

7. Brown rice

- This contains manganese that is known to treat male's low sperm count. 

8. Citrus fruits

- Vitamin C is high in citrus fruits. This could help males to increase their sperm count. 

9. Beans

- Beans is a natural source for protein. It also has Antioxidants, fiber and potassium that could be good for our heart.

10. Coffee

- It gives you benefits BUT you only have to consume the right amount. It is not just a stimulant but also the blood flow goes in various parts of the body, making it good when making love. 

11. Oatmeal

- This could increase male's testosterone levels that strengthens a male's manhood. 

12. Red grapes

- This has vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that could help increase your energy and improve your reproductive health.

13. Beetroot Juice

- This helps increase your red blood cells and improves the circulation of oxygen, when you reach your climax, it is better to have a good circulation in the body.

14. Peanut butter

- It has monosaturated fats, dopamine levels in the brain increase, helping you stay happy. 

15. Bananas

- This contains Vitamin B that's good for our reproductive health and also has amino acids like typtophan that is a good cholesterol that helps make a person happy.


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